Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Religions of Haume - a sneak peek

I've decided to call my sandbox world Haume. ;)

I started drawing up the religions of Haume tonight. I still need to do some work on the demi-humans, and the Fallen, but this should give you an idea of where my head is at.

Non-human deities:
DURRAK, "The Father" --> deity of the dwarves; maker of the world
AELEISHA, "The Mother" --> deity of the elves; goddess of life, magic and beauty
CAELIS, "The Child" --> deity of the halflings,; patron of innocence and wonder

The Thousand Saints
Humans don't have "gods" they have "saints", although functionally, there is very little difference between them. The theory is the saints were once mortals, who transcended their earthly bonds. Some of the important ones:
Saint Acca of Hexham --> patron sain of magic-users
Saint Scholastica --> patron saint of sages
Saint Edward the Marytr --> patron saint of lost causes
Saint Seraphina --> patron saint of healers
Saint Maximus --> patron saint of battle
Saint Finbarr --> patron saint of thieves and liars
Saint Amberyl --> patron saint of love
Saint Andrei the Iconographer --> patron saint of artists
Saint Xenon the Righteous --> patron saint of justice
Saint Margaret the Barefooted --> patron saint of the destitute
Saint Abundias --> patron saint of farmers
The Venerable Saint Bede --> patron saint of the elderly / wisdom

The Fallen
These would be the "bad guys". Again, most of them are thought to be ascended humans, but no one is quite certain of some of them...
The Dark Knight
Lady Midnight
Saint Opportuna --> patron saint of greed
Saint Abadios --> patron saint of murderers and thieves
Saint Helen --> patron saint of lust
Saint Dismas  patron saint of envy

The Spirit Realm
This will be for those who worship nature, in all its incarnations. I'm also toying with having these guys tied into my idea of using ancestor worship somehow...
The Old Man of the Woods
The Lady of the Lake
The Dark Hunter
Old Crow
Howling Wolf
The Cat of Kayseer
Brother Bear
The Merman & the Mermaid
The Stones Who Speak

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  1. Tell us more of The Cat of Kayseer, please, sir.