Thursday, August 5, 2010

ELves as Spellswords

I've been thinking about what to do with elves in my sandbox today. After a little thinking, I would like elves to still have magic-using capabilities, bu I would rather have them focus their spell selections on spells that would enhance their combat capabilities. I envision the elves in my world as creatures who are constantly seeking perfection in everything they do, so their magical abilities would be used to enhance their fighting abilities, to make them the greatest fighters in the world (but, I'm toying with making them the greatest TECHNICAL, rather than PRACTICAL, fighters... for the most part, elves are really good at putting on impressive fighting DISPLAYS, but you drop them into a REAL combat, and they find that they aren't as good as they think... except for PC elves, who have realized and embraced this truth). As such, I'm looking for some ideas for spells I could convert to B/X to be part of the elves spell list. I'm already thinking of putting a version of Bless in there, and a few others (cconverting Shillelegh, and Stoneskin, perhaps?). Ideas anyone?

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