Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More thinkerating

As always, even with the advice of Rob Conley's How to Design a Fantasy Sandbox, I found myself paralyzed by inaction. So many choices! But then, I realized.... if this ever gets off the ground, it is going to be with a small group of newbies. So, don't overthink this. I decided to make life easier. Since I am going to use Keep on the Borderland, I'm just going to make a map of the are around the keep... I'm not even going to worry about a continuent, or anything like that for now. The Keep, I'm going to put a (mega)dungeon in the "cave of the unknown", expand some of the wilderness encounters, make a nearby town as a base, and just add some stuff around that locations (I'm thinking of using Rahasia in there too, or maybe some of the stuff out of B1-9).

Oh, and I made one more decision. I'm going to use B4... but instead of it being located in a desert..... it's going to be located in the middle of an Arctic wasteland.

Yes, I've been reading too much Lovecraft again. 8)

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