Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cleaning out the cobwebs...

Sorry I haven't posted much. To make a long story short... I have been fighting to save my family's summer home from floodwaters on Lake Manitoba since, oh, MAY. Still fighting.

Anyway, I haven't even had a chance to do much gaming stuff. My newest addiction is..... getting back into Magic, sorta. I sold ALL my cards years ago, but some friends of mine and I had gotten into buying the Magic Workbox each, and just making some decks for fun. Of course, I subsequently found the Dollar Stores near me sold mixed repacks of 10 cards for $1, and bought, oh... 500 cards. Plus some cheap stuff off eBay. Anyways, I have a few semi-fun decks I can play with now, and a ton of cards to trade stuff for.

I was in a local card / gaming store I frequent the other day, and we started to talk a little about 4th Edition D&D. I wasn't ragging on it, just mentioned how I prefered to play B/X or BECMI, and that started a debate. The guy at the store felt the need to defend 4th Edition to me, and to try and counter every one of my points about why I preferred B/X. The point is... who cares? Why does everyone feel the need to constantly try to proselytize for the "newest" edition? I guess it's in his financial interest, but really, after I said, "I'm just not interested in anything to do with 4th Ed", wouldn't it be smarter to just let it go? Or perhaps find out more about what I DO like (like LABYRINTH LORD), and see if you could start bringing it in?