Monday, August 22, 2011

SCORE! redux

Hey everyone. Long time no post. I know, I know... I'm bad for it. I've been reading lots of blogs though. I haven't forgotten about you all. 8)

Haven't done a ton of gaming anything this summer... it's been kind of a crappy summe, with me spending most of my time prepoping for next school year. Sigh. I have been catching upn on my reading of FIGHT ON! back issues, and I snagged a copy of OSRIC and MUTANT FUTURE.... and LABYRINTH LORD..... and the ADVANCED CHARACTER COMPANION... and the ORIGINAL CHARACTER book... and some Traveller Classic stuff. So gaming is not finished!

Concerning that... I visited my good friend's used bookstore today. I always check his gaming section, although there hasn't been aything in it for a long time... UNTIL TODAY! SOmebody dumped a whole mess of old TSR and other stuff, which I quickly snapped up. All of it was anywhere from $1-$3 each.

- Dragon Lords Monster Manuscript - a monster compendium, based on the old Grenadier Dragon Master miniature lines. IN pretty good shape, too. Off to eBay you go!

- LANKHMAR, City of Adventure - a little water damager, but with all the maps intact and in great shape! Woot woot!

- LANKHMAR: Swords of the Undercity - in almost perfect shape. If I can't find something to pillage, I'll sell it on eBay

- LANKHMAR: Swords of Deceit: - again, minty shape. Pillage or resell.

- T1 The Village of Hommlet - I already have a copy, so this could be a resale special, especially with all the recent potential shown in the module in the OSR blogosphere lately

- C3 Lost Island of Castanamir - I always wanted this module, for some reason. Let's see if it can be useful.

- N3 Destiny of Kings - Another one that looked like it had pillaging potential. If not... yo ho ho and a bid on eBay!

- DL1 Dragons of Despair - I put this in my buying pile accidentally. They also had the next 5 modules, which I might go back and grab, so I can sell the lot on eBay.

- M3 Twilight Calling - Never seen this module, so I picked it up for scouting purposes. It's Tom Moldvay, so it HAS to be good. 8)

- Thieves' World Companion - I may llot this for ideas, but I can think of a few people who might want this. 8)

- Grimtooth's Traps: again, pillage for ideas, or maybe resell.

- The Palladium Book of Weapons and Armour - never even heard of it. Worth a look-see

- Monster File Number One, by Dragon Tree Press - I'm pretty sure this is kinda rare, and definitely old, and I'm sure I can make mroe than the $2 I paid for it. In MINTY condition.

If anyone in interested in working a deal for some of this stuff (if I am amenable), drop me a line at suprunown AT [gee-mail] DOT com.