Monday, May 9, 2011

The things you find....

I was at our local rec center tonight for a meeting (I'm the rec commission chairperson). We have a lending library which depends on the kindness of local citizens to provide books. You can trade one for one, or buy books for a quarter a piece. I occassionally check out the books, mostly out of boredom, but tonight (during a lull in the meeting), I noticed three new boxes of books, so I decided to check them out.


Here's what I scored for a quarter a piece....
- a SPACE: 1999 novella from 1975
- a Doc Savage novella
- a book on Irish myths and fables
- a copy of Joseph Conrad's THE POWER OF MYTH
- an illustrated book on the Tower of London (complete with MAPS!)
- an illustrated history of Scottish clans, complete with tartans and clan costumes
- a copy of FROM TOLKIEN TO OZ: THE ART OF GREG HILDEBRANDT. Hildebrandt is no stranger to anyone who read DRAGON magazine in the 80s, but did you also know he was the cover artist for the Black Sabbath album MOB RULES? He also did one of the iconic STAR WARS movie posters....


  1. Sweet deal. Especially the art book and the Scottish clans.

  2. I know! The Tower of London and Scottish Clan books are obviously old library books, but in quite good condition. The Hildebrandt book almost made my head explode. It's stamped DISCARD inside, but there are no outer signs that it was ever a library book (although, if it ever had a slipcover, that is gone), but it is in MINTY condition. The Irish mythology book is quite interesting too. And I can always use a copy of THE POWER OF MYTH when teaching my high school English classes. 8)

  3. (Wow... this reply is so totally deja vu....)

    I know. The art book looks like it was a library discard, but other than being stamped "discard", has no other library-type markings (although it had no slip cover). The book itself is in awesome shape.... it hardly even looks like it had ever been opened.