Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z(ed) is for Zzzzzzzz

(Author's note: today's title comes mostly from the fact I got up at 3:30 am yesterday to watch the Royal Wedding before I went to school, so my body's internal clock is ALL out of whack now. So sue me. 8)

Well, the grand challenge has come to an end. Frankly, I didn`t think I would make it. I couldn`t see myself actually lasting this long. So, I am very proud of myself for making it through to the end.

First off, it`s HARD to force yourself to think up a topic for each letter of the alphabet. Had I just been required to come up with 26 blog posts, I think it would have been a little easier. It really forced me to get creative for a couple of the letters of the alphabet (even if that really isn`t that big of a challenge). It also forced me to think about RPGs in a few new ways to get the required 26 entries out of out (even if I feel a few of my entries are still cheating…).

How do I feel about what I have accomplished? That’s a little harder to determine. Quite frankly, I had hoped that my posting would drive a few more comments and discussion (but what can I expect from only 28 followers?). Part of the reasons I love blogs is because, for better or for worse, they prompt discussion. Sadly, very little of what I said prompted much discussion, but I’m not sure if that’s because people just like to lurk, or because what I said is mostly meaningless shite. 8)

Finally, what will come of this? Well, for openers, I plan to steal an idea that I saw on someone else’s blog (I think if was Jeff Rients’ blog?), where I take a single issue of a DRAGON magazine, and try to develop an entire campaign concept simply from getting creative with what was given in the confines of the one issue. I don’t know if I will start this RIGHT away, but very soon. Other than that, I plan to try and post the occasional gaming digression… maybe I’ll talk a little more about my “nostalgia moments” of favourite games, instead of just focusing on new ideas. And hopefully, I can spawn some discussion. Oh, and I can’t guarantee EVERY post will be about gaming on here… most, but not all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have enjoyed your sojourn to the Badger King’s Den.


  1. Thank you! it has been an interesting month. I would rather do this in the winter, when it is cold, and I am forced to stay inside, though. 8)

  2. We did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!