Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, I have a friend who owns a used booksore/comic store. He used to own two, but just had to close one, because as you can imagine, selling used books is becoming a dying art. Anyway, I had to go by his store today (to pay my annual football pool fees 8). I poked around for a while, shot the breeze, bought a bunch of valueless comic bundles for my classroom. As I was leaving, I saw a copy of DEITIES & DEMIGODS up on the wall. I said, that wouldn't happen to be the version with the C'Thulhu mythos stats in it, would it? Sure enough, it WAS. And is GOOD shape... no torn pages, a couple pencil marks, not much discolouring of pages, cover binding is still awesome and unscuffed and unstained. Not believeing my luck, I asked him, how much?


As you can imagine, I almost set the money on fire, I got it out of my wallet so fast.

I have been trying to acquire one of these for YEARS, but they always got bid out of my league at the last minute on eBay. But now... IT IS MINE!!!!


  1. Congratulations! I still have my original one from when it was first released. If my younger brother hadn't colored some of the illustrations I probably would have sold it by now.

  2. Thank you. I'm pretty damned stoked about this. 8)

    Plus, I boke down and bought DARK HERESY, the GM screen and he Dark Gods supplement too. I really can't go into book stores by myself. 8)

  3. Nice score. I can't believe anyone finds those in the wild anymore.