Monday, June 1, 2009

Slow down

As with everyone else, it seems, I've been slacking on the posting lately. Nothing major... just trying to get out and walk more on the (few) warm days, oh, and I've been playing DAWN OF WAR 2 like it's crack. 8) But, I finished the campaign now, and I'm back to working on my campaign... been working on the blown-up map of the hex I'm using. Right now, I'm using Kellri's Old School Encounters and inspiration from FIGHT ON! #3 to draft the details in short form about other locations on the map. I've drawn up some catacombs that I have to populate that will connect the Caves of Chaos to Quasequeton, and I have to populate Quasqueton, but then I should be ready to go. 8)

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