Sunday, April 5, 2009

A question on miniatures

Although I've never been a fan of using miniatrues in a D&D game, I'm thinking I might try it with this campaign, even if it's just to help the newbies. However, I have no figs (well, other than a MILLION WH40K space marines 8). Does anyone know if I would be able to find some lots of figs on eBay for a reasonable price? What companies are even still selling them? I know Reaper is in the game, and I think Citadel too, but I'm kinda clueless. I was hoping to find a selection of basic adventuring types, and maybe a mass of gobbos/orcs and some oher "basic" mosters, as cheap as possible. Anyone got any suggestions?


  1. Games Workshop has a nice range of pretty affordable plastics that you can custom assemble, intended for their tabletop battle games, but I like to use 'em for D&D. In particular their "Empire Militia" is a good source for human adventurer types.

    Or you could dig around ebay. Games Workshop did a partnership with Milton Bradley back in the 90's and produced games like "Heroquest" or "Battle Masters" which have large groups of minis of a dungeony bent.

  2. I remember HQ. I'm usually leery of anything with GW's name attacked to it (because it usually means sudden price increases 8), but I shall take a look.