Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for Gamma World Miniatures

So, here’s a slight diversion that might actually benefit some of my readers out there.

There’s a FLGS store in my old home city that I haven’t visited in years. I mostly haven’t visited because the guys who runs it is a rather….. ABRASIVE fellow. The stories about MIGS could fill a post on their own. Anyway, last year, I rediscovered the store, and since there is almost no gaming stores left in Winnipeg (in fact, there’s only one other one that I can find), I started to visit. Most of their stuff is horribly overpriced, but they do have the benefit of selling some used stuff. Anyways, I was going through their bin of clearance lead figures one day a couple months ago, when I came across FIVE blister packs of original Grenadier GAMMA WORLD miniatures. Knowing the love of the OSR community for Gamma World (along with Encounter Critical and Mutant Future), I snagged all five. Even as “clearance” items, they were still $5-$8 each, but I figure that was worth the cost for their incredible rarity.

Then, last week, I went back to visit the store while I was visiting my parents over spring break. As I perused the store (after being scoffed at for playing Labyrinth Lord… after talking to the store owner, his response was, “That must be one of those Internet games that nobody cares about. To each their own… why you would want to play something that just rips off an old game system is up to you…”), I checked out the clearance bin.. and lo and behold, there were 5 DIFFERENT packs of the GAMMA WORLD figs in there, for $5 a pop. I quickly gobbled these up as well. When the owner saw me grab them, he said, “Do you actually want those?” I said I didn’t, but I knew others who did. He replied, “Do you want some more?” He went into the back, and came out with a box with 20 MORE DIFFERENT BLISTERS of the original GAMMA WORLD figs. He said he had bought out the stock of one of the other stores in town that went belly up. To make a long story short, after some haggling, we settled on a price for the whole lot. The end result?

I now own 32 of the 52 blisters of GAMMA WORLD Grenadier figures. There is only one duplicate blister in the bunch. Some of them are very LARGE creatures, and I even have 2 of the 3 different “Build Your Own Mutant” blisters. Here’s the actual list of what blisters have:

2 blisters of G-2 Human Adventurers 1 , G-3 Human Adventurers 2, G-4 Grens/Woods People , G-5 Serfs Mutant Men, G-6 Orlens Mutant Men, G-7 Healers, G-8 Restorationists, G-9 Knights of Purity, G-11 Brotherhood of Thought, G-13 Iron Society, G-14 Tribesmen Human, G-15 Barkskin Tribesmen, G-16 Mutant Tribesmen, G-17 Tribesmen Mutants #3, G-18 Women Adventurers, G-20 Villagers, G-22 Partial Armor, G-24 Herps & Parns, G-25 Soul Besh & Cal Thens, G-26 Hissers, G-28 Menarl & Blight, G-31 Hoops (MUTANT RABBITS!!!), G-32 Centisteed, G-33 Brutorz & Rakox, G-34 Podogs, G-42 Ground Cars, G-45 Weapons Pack 1, G-46 Medical Pack, G-47 Mutant Do-It-Yourself 1, G-48 Mutant Do-It-Yourself 2, G-50 Yexil

This is where YOU, my gentle readers, come in.

Although I could make a killing on eBay (theoretically) with these things, I would much rather see them go to someone who is actually going to USE them for the purpose God, Grenadier and TSR intended them. So, here’s my proposition… before I put these on eBay, I will entertain offers for trade or purchase. To be honest… I would probably rather trade these for other gaming materials, but I would also be willing entertain monetary offers. In terms of trade, here’s what I would be interested in (and NO, I’m not on crack, I do not expect this to be a 1-for-1 kind of deal; I know what they cost me, I know what I would need minimum to break even. I don’t expect to get rich here, but I would like to try and make a small profit, or at worst, get a lot of gaming stuff I want that is of about the same value): a decent copy of the B/X Basic rulebook, any B/X modules (except for Keep, Isle of Dread and Master of the Desert Nomads, which I have, but especially B1, B4, B7, B1-9, X2 and X..5? [the followup to Master of the Desert Nomads]), a complete copy of the BECMI Masters Rules box set, any of the C/M modules, a copy of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, print copies of issues 2,3 and 4 (does it exist?) of KNOCKSPELL magazine, a hardcover copy of the Dark Dungeons retroclone rulebook, Star Wars D6 materials (mostly modules or some hardcover soucebooks… I have all the Galaxy Guides, although there might be one or two I want the Revised version of… e-mail me for details), Traveling Tales for the Savage Worlds Tales of Solomon Kane game, and anything Call of C’Thulhu. I am willing to entertain offers of other stuff, however. Money is also good.

If you want any more details, please email me at suprunown AT gmail DOT com.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaand I managed to sell the entire lot at a satisfactory price. Nice to see them going to someone who will love them. 8)

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  1. Hi,

    Just found your post when looking for Gamma World pics. I collate stuff for the Lost Minis WIKI and wonder if you have any decent pics of the blisters we could you for the Grenadier page? My own blog tries to capture old's not an easy task but great fun.....